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A Thousand Tears
by Marissa Elizabeth Martin

I've cried a thousand tears for you,
Felt a thousand pains.
Screamed a thousand words for you,
Died a thousand days.

Now I'm empty and black like a hole.
Nothing's in use, I have nothing to control.
Where my heart once was, is where the hole stays.
With the pieces left in it,
you dropped them in the maze.

Except for a single piece,
The only piece I ever knew.
The piece I can't let go of,
The small piece of you.

I hold it tight but it's fading, and wearing away fast.
I have to keep a tight hold of it, I need you to last.
But I know eventually this piece of you,
Will fall from me for days.
Then the piece I held onto so tight,
Will too be lost in the maze.

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