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My Christmas in Heaven
by Pamela Marie Graul-Gwizdala

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year
I am spending my Christmas in Heaven that is crystal clear
I know your heart is broken because I seem so far away
I want you to know; I am in your loving heart to stay

My Soul and Spirit lives within your heart
and I am promising you, we will never part
I will continue to whisper to you like a gentle prayer
trying to assure you, I am in God's Eternal Loving care

Mail out your Christmas cards and hang up our stocking too
because I am filling your stocking this year just for you
I am stuffing your stockings with Peace, Joy, Happiness, and Love
from all the Angels, Saints, and our Father from Heaven above

I am enjoying the Peace, Joy, Happiness and Love in Heaven
because Jesus died on the Cross with His last words of Seven
Remember the Kingdom of God is there for us all to share
as long as we remain in His Grace until our last prayer

My wish for you this Christmas is that you shall hear
my Joys of Peace and Happiness in Heaven is quite sincere
I am sending you His Gift of Love for you my dear
Have a Merrier Christmas and a Happier New Year

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