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To Mommy From Heaven
by Sandra L. Garman

Mommy, don't cry, 'cause God is holding my hand
and telling me everything is OK.

Mommy, God said that I will never want for anything
and I will still feel your love all the way up here.

Mommy, you should see me,
I am running and playing with God's other children.

Mommy, guess who helps watch over us while we play?
They are God's Helping Angels!

Mommy, I'm not afraid, my grandpa and grandma are here.
They came to me when it was dark and held my hands;
then we went to God's bright light,
where Angels were singing.

Mommy, God said, If you feel sad, to remember this;
I'll be the gentle breeze that brushes your face,
the sun is my smile and the rain is me washing away your pain.

Mommy, I have to go now.
I send you all my love on the wings of an Angel.

Love from your son, to you Mommy.

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