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To My Husband
by Tracy O. Whitlock

It seems that love has died
And walls of anger overbear.
I cannot show my tears;
Nor tell you the reasons why.
My heart grows lonely.
I feel us drifting apart as a boat
On a sea of torment.
I pity myself in silence.
Hurt lies in strange places.
The heart cannot fathom the will to live.
I shed my tears of hurt, and I am angry because you show no concern.
You bottle your hurt; you keep it
Like a Pandora's box of untold secrets.
You show no emotion; you feel no pain.
My grief is heavy laden upon my soul.
I long to feel your touch; sympathy;love
Shall we weather this storm together?
Or shall we continue drifting; blind to
The edge of land that is called love.

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